About Us

What We Offer

  • Research-based holistic curriculum
  • Developmentally appropriate and age-appropriate appropriate approach
  • Nutritious Meal (including vegetarian)
  • Transportation Services

Our Beliefs

  • Children are naturally curious learners.
  • All children have the right to a safe, nurturing, caring, and learning environment.
  • Children become engaged in learning and readily apply the learned skills when they are provided with non-threatening, developmentally appropriate, and hands-on learning environment and materials.
  • The role of educators as to facilitate and guide. Our educators work as researchers to help young students explore, learn, and apply.
  • Parents and community are partners in educating young students because they bring in a wealth of experiences and resources that promote young children’s holistic development.

Our Curriculum

  • We provide a well-rounded, high-quality, holistic learning curriculum.
  • We believe in providing age-appropriate, innovative, and comprehensive education.
  • The Academy amalgamates the Georgia Learning and Development Standards (GLEDS) with experience in the Arts, Multiculturalism, Respect for the Nature, Talent Education, Athletics, and a variety of extra-curricular activities.
  • To accomplish this, effective educators develop curiosity to learn through organized classrooms, established routines, and curriculum goals that target young children’s holistic development.

Our Educators

  • Highly qualified and state certified.
  • Trained to utilize brain-research and early childhood education theories.
  • Implement high quality lessons and curriculum based assessments to help students achieve mastery.

By being the role models our educators are dedicated to instill our values:

Honesty: We build character by being honest, fair, loyal, and sincere.
Respect: Respect given is respect earned.
Compassion: Display compassion towards people, nature, and animals.
Curiosity: Curiosity is the step toward acquiring new knowledge.
Gusto: Be eager to explore! Be eager to learn! Be eager to apply!

Core Values

  • Each student’s uniqueness, ability, and talent.
  • The education of children in every age group.
  • Students’ developmental milestones.
  • Students’ maturation levels.
  • Students’ multiple intelligences.
  • Students’ backgrounds, cultures, ethnicity, talents, and exceptionalities.

Parental Involvement

  • We are adherent advocate of active parental involvement.
  • ISA is dedicated to keeping parents up-to-date about its purposes and goals and welcomes strong parental support in the pursuit of its mission.

Top-Rated AdvancED Accredited, STEM Certified, and Quality Rated Preschool and Day Care in Kennesaw, GA

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