Why Homeschooling Should Be Avoided By New Parents

The early years of a child’s development can make or break their future. As Erikson’s Life Stages Model reflects, the early years are when all development happens in a child. It’s when they develop self confidence, trust, ideals like honesty among the many other important life lessons that stay with them throughout.

If home schooled, he or she may miss out on a lot of opportunities for wholesome development.

There can be many disadvantages to being home-schooled. You’re basically shielding your child from social interaction and thus developing crucial social skills that will continue to bear fruits well into their adult stages of life. Here are just 2 arguments against homeschooling. There are many more.

Lack of essentials like discipline, structure and time management

When a child is home-schooled, there is no preset routine that they have to forcibly follow. Even if the parents succeed in waking up their children and putting them to bed every day on time, there is still no hurry to start the day’s lessons. The kids have nowhere to go so they can do as they please till the parent comes to teach them the day’s lesson.

Children can often have mood swings as well: “I don’t want to study mommy!” and other such statements are thrown the parent’s way when they are not in the mood to study. How will that days like these be compensated for?

There needs to be a certain structure and discipline in the learning environment. If sent properly to school like the rest of us were, these kids will snap out of their “moods” when they interact with their friends.  They will be more eager to learn and study if they have something to look forward to afterwards.

As kids progress through classes, they learn to manage their time effectively and learn self discipline. They learn to adhere to rules and work in a set structure. This prepares them for their corporate lives in adulthood. Someone without the basic competence to work in a structured environment tends to be left out in their adult lives. Erickson’s model attests to that.

Lack of exposure and proper assessment

There are so many issues facing the household parents. If mother is stressed out, she will not be able to teach her kids the same way that a school teacher would.

The way she views her kids as a mother will be the same way she views her kids as a teacher. Not to mention just one point of view of teaching is not enough for a burgeoning mind of a child

Childhood is when the mind of an individual can absorb many different points of view buy multiple teachers. They get into a habit of listening to different teachers and having different takeaways from each. If they are not accustomed to that, then they might have difficulty later on.

What about assessments? Will the mother have enough time to make an assessment that is at par which school standards? Will it have the same impact as a school assessment or not? Will it be biased? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered.

Homeschooling may be a good option if a parent can cope with it. Otherwise it may backfire. To get the best education for your kids, enroll them into INtrinsic Scholars Academy.

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