Welcome to INtrinsic Scholars Academy!

Holistic Learning at its Best

We are delighted to serve your child’s educational needs. We believe in nurturing the whole child by providing age-appropriate, innovative, and comprehensive learning experiences that inspire a child’s intrinsic motivations. Our curriculum is holistic in that it focuses on addressing all of the developmental domains: emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual. We “structure the curriculum so that it allows students and teachers to study in greater depth some of the most important topics and skills.” We believe that “… focusing in depth on a smaller number of skills and concepts will lead to greater understanding and retention and will better support efforts to teach problem solving and critical thinking.”

Our curriculum planning and instructional practices combine brain research and developmentally appropriate practices to create a child-centered, active learning environment, because young children continuously develop schemas to connect their new learning with the existing schema. Our highly qualified early educators utilize the research in neuroscience and amalgamate it with the Georgia Learning and Developmental Standards (GELDS) in order to plan and implement practices that help young children to use all their senses when they participate in varied learning activities. The Georgia Early Learning and Developmental Standards (GELDS) support development of children’s Physical Development and Motor Skills (PDM); Social and Emotional Development (SED); Approaches to Play And Learning (APL); Communication, Language And Literacy (CCL); and Cognitive Development and General Knowledge (CD).

Early Childhood Curriculum

GELDS are aligned with The Creative Curriculum®, which is an early childhood curriculum that focuses on project-based investigations as a means for children to apply skills. The curriculum is designed to foster development of the whole child through teacher-led, small and large group activities centered around 11 interest areas (blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, library, discovery, sand and water, music and movement, cooking, computers, and outdoors). The curriculum provides teachers with details on child development, classroom organization, teaching strategies, and engaging families in the learning process. Child assessments are an important part of the curriculum, but must be purchased separately. Online record-keeping tools assist teachers with the maintenance and organization of child portfolios, individualized planning, and report production. Before designing and implementing a lesson, we review and integrate Piaget’s universal stages of development, multiple intelligences, and Erikson’s psychosocial stages. Knowledge of early childhood education theories help our educators to understand and assess young students’ strengths and weaknesses based on their age and level of maturity. These instructional strategies help our students satisfy their voracious appetite and curiosity for learning. Curriculum planning is based on the embedded learning opportunities, which means educators follow students’ lead based on the assessment data. In embedded learning opportunities, teachers create and customized multiple lessons on a single theme or activity. These lessons are based on the individual learning styles, needs, and goals of students.

We seek to strengthen each child’s ethical, moral, and social responsibility. By being role models, the educators at INtrinsic Scholars Academy promote and instill our values of honesty, respect, compassion, and gusto in young minds.

Our Core Values

Honesty: We build character by being honest, fair, loyal, and sincere.

Respect: Respect given is respect earned.

Compassion: Display compassion towards people, nature, and animals.

Curiosity: Curiosity is the step toward acquiring new knowledge.

Gusto: Be eager to explore! Be eager to learn! Be eager to apply!

We strongly believe in building the home, school, and community. Your support can positively cradle our young students’ passion for exploring, learning, and applying, and it will assist us in kindling the everlasting joy of learning! Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information. Thank you for the privilege of serving your family.

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