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We intentionally cultivate intellectual growth at our Kennesaw Daycare by valuing our student’s individuality and potential. Our highly qualified educators strive for balanced physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and aesthetic preschool development environment.

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Providing Your Child With The BEST Early Childhood Preparation For Social Development and Outstanding Academic Achievement

Every student of INtrinsic Scholars Academy in our classes are and will continue to grow and be part of a larger community. Besides being a stellar academic provider, we strive to fortify our students’ moral, ethical, as well as social due diligence.

Through all of our programs and teaching, we firmly believe parents are the backbone of our academic community. Your involvement is highly valuable to our curriculum. The role the parents play in each students’ life is vital to their development. As teachers and role models we also proudly stimulate and implant values into our students. Values of respect, compassion, honesty, and enthusiasm are constantly promoted. We are devoted to bringing the home, school, and community together through education projects as well as volunteer services. We are continually updating insightful monthly blogs about our academy and featured events. Nothing makes us happier than the opportunity to serve you and the community by providing the best academic programs to your children.

INtrinsic Scholars Academy highly believes in the importance of focusing and addressing all of the developmental domains such as relational, emotional, creative, physical, and of course intellectual. We view your child as a whole which is defined by practices that ensure each of our students is not only safe and healthy but also feels supported. We ensure that they are engaged and are challenged to help them grow intellectually and fundamentally.

Top-Rated AdvancED Accredited, STEM Certified, and Quality Rated Preschool and Day Care in Kennesaw, GA

Our Programs

INtrinsic Scholars Academy Programs offer a wide array of programs from early childhood learning and daycare programs for children from 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. We also offer our “Intelligent Tots” program which is certified and specialized for infants and children with special needs diagnosis.

We focus our academic programs to bring a light into every aspect of children’s growth. We use exploratory experiences to help develop and encourage children’s curiosity. We enhance these experiences by teaching and informing our students in creative ways.


(6 weeks – 12 months)

Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)

We understand & acknowledge that infancy is a time of rapid development and growth in every domain. In our infant classroom we provide a loving and warm environment. Infants and toddlers are cared for in a very loving and nurturing environment. Our staff focuses on each child’s individual needs and development.


(12 – 23 months and 2 years old)

Toddlers (12 – 23 months and 2 years old)

We recognize that toddlers are striving to be self-reliant. The toddler rooms are designed to offer a secure, safe and loving environment where the children engage in multi-sensory, challenging, and meaningful activities at their own pace.


(3 and 4 years old)

Preschool (3 and 4 year olds)

In our preschool classrooms, the children learn to be a cooperative part of the group. Our Teachers help the children learn to work as a team and to respect others, fostering a sense of community within the other children in the classroom.

School Age Programs

School Age Programs

Learning takes place through a variety of hand-on experiences and exploration. The engaging curriculum develops academic, physical, emotional and social skills, while providing students the chance to develop skills, hobbies, and interests they might not otherwise be able to explore.

We pride in meeting and exceeding state requirements. We also ensure to provide a variety of challenging courses in our general curriculum. INtrinsic Scholars Academy is able to exceed by providing qualified teachers and suitable class sizes. This inclusive and intimate culture allows for our Intelligent Tots Early Learning Center assure the students are receiving the individualized attention as well as support each students’ needs.

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For questions about tuition, enrollment, and program availability, please call 678-401-8527 to speak with our office staff or schedule a tour of our facility.

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