All The Benefits To An Early Education: Why Preschool Is Essential for Your Child’s Growth

“She’s so young!”; “He goes to a childcare center, though?”; “They’re too small for me to leave them for so long, what if they need me?”

If you’ve made any of the above statements when asked about sending your child to preschool, this blog is for you.

Children are almost like learning sponges during the early years of their life. According to medical science, approximately seventy percent of a brain’s development occurs during the first year of life. By the time your child reaches year three, that’s ninety percent.

An early education, such that is earned at a preschool, is absolutely essential for a child, any child. Pre-kindergarten education has the capacity to ensure that your child higher levels of academic, social and emotional successes. Preschool is an opportunity for kids to grow in a structured setting that prepares them for kindergarten.

Children are taught the basics of the basics that they learn during elementary school. The exposure a child gains at a preschool allows them to follow instructions, and develop a lifelong and enthusiasm for education. They are able to grasp the concept of learning and discovering and studying in a way that makes them appreciate the value of getting an education through experience.

However, keeping academic views aside, preschool is the chance for a child to interact with people on socially.
It is a chance for kids to learn how to get along, share with the kids their age, and most importantly value respecting one another. It is the first step towards making your child a socially capable and confident individual.

Moreover, an early education is also the foundation for a child’s emotional development. By spending time away from their family, even for a few hours a day, will allow kids to build a trusting relationship with individuals that are not a part of their inner circle- the immediate family. The personal connection kids form with their teachers, and fellow students is what teaches them emotional independence and self-control in real time.

While all these are important points to consider enrolling your child in a preschool, it is imperative to know that choosing the right preschool is equally important as sending your child to one. Investigate thoroughly the options you have. Location, state license, safety requirements, adequate staffing, are all factors that should be brought into consideration when picking a preschool.

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